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Robocox educational service

Robocox Industries Limited is the first and only technology company in Hong Kong that can have 70 people connected to the system and VR equipment at the same time. We have cooperated with many well-known companies and institutions, tailor-made exclusive XR enterprise solutions for them and held more than 100 + VR training activities.


Our mission is to utilize the latest XR (AR/VR/MR) and AI technologies and innovative teaching methods to assist students and teachers from different sectors in Hong Kong to provide a new educational experience.


Our goal is to enable students to comprehensively cultivate their positive thinking, creativity, problem-solving ability and collaborative spirit through their freshness and interest in high-tech, in line with the direction of Hong Kong’s education policy, and to bring better results to students in Hong Kong schools. Competitive and creative advantages.



VR School Open Day

By providing interactive VR Experience, participants and groups will have the opportunity to experience a virtual world. At the same time, it also requires them to go through real-time communication and interactive experiences. Participants will face challenges together, complete time-limited tasks, communicate and collaborate to find solutions. This allows participants to experience the joy and positive communication brought about by VR technology, and also gives the school a more competitive edge.

Open day1.jpeg
Suitable for :
  • All Primary schools & Secondary schools

Not constrained by the size of the drawing paper, one can be immersed in a 360-degree virtual world to create art - isn't that amazing?


Through VR technology, we can provide students with an unlimited creative space. Students can enhance their creativity and unleash endless possibilities in this immersive art creation experience. After completing their works, they can also share their creative insights with other students, which can also help strengthen their presentation skills. This is tremendously beneficial for students' mental growth, communication skills, and academic development.

Focus :
Suitable for :
  • Creativity

  • Art Creation

  • Imagination

  • Presentation skill

  • 15 to 20 participants

  • All Primary schools & Secondary schools

Art 4.jpeg

In a system with up to 70 people connected simultaneously, and through highly engaging and immersive VR game scenarios, students can participate in various virtual tasks and learn how to face difficulties, build an optimistic and positive attitude, and enhance their resilience. They will learn to analyze problems from multiple perspectives, find solutions, develop a positive mindset, and also train their social skills and empathy through teamwork.


In these virtual tasks, students can maintain an optimistic and proactive attitude even in the face of adversity, approach problems with confidence, and still collaborate with the team and stay calm under pressure.

Focus :
Suitable for :
  • Positive mindset

  • Problem-solving

  • Teamwork

  • 30 to 70 participants

  • All Primary schools & Secondary schools


For student leaders, their leadership, teamwork, communication, and execution skills are particularly important. Through VR games, we can not only enhance their communication abilities, but also teach them how to lead and encourage team members to participate, further developing their leadership skills. We can help them make decisions under pressure and increase the likelihood of being trusted.


In the process of constant communication and smooth thinking, they also need to carefully observe various possibilities, which will help them cultivate better planning and execution skills.


The VR games allow student leaders to practice leading a team, communicating effectively, and making decisions under stress - all critical abilities for developing strong leadership qualities.

Focus :
Suitable for :
  • Leadership

  • Stress Resilience

  • Decision-making 

  • Teamwork

  • 30 to 70 participants

  • All Primary schools & Secondary schools


Organizing and Arranging Virtual Reality Positive Mindset Competitions Within and Between Schools

Competition Flow (Reference):

  1. Provide Pre-competition Training for Participating Students

    • Offer training sessions to familiarize students with the VR systems and prepare them for the challenges.

    • Coach students on developing positive mindsets, problem-solving skills, and strategies for navigating virtual scenarios.

  2. Prepare Two Competition Segments for the Event Day:
    VR Team Competition:

    • Teams work together to overcome challenges within the VR environment.

    Positive Mindset Presentation:

    • Participating teams share how they utilized positive mindsets to overcome the challenges faced during the VR competition.

  3. Award Ceremony

    • Recognize and celebrate the achievements of the participating teams and individuals.

Suitable for :
  • All Primary schools & Secondary schools

By adopting an innovative VR-based teacher training model, schools can inspire teachers to think creatively and break free from their conventional mindsets, while also enhancing their adaptability to new ideas and technologies, thereby unlocking greater possibilities in education. Participating in VR-based teacher development sessions can not only improve communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, and colleagues, but more importantly, it can strengthen the camaraderie and sense of belonging among the teaching staff, fostering a more cohesive and committed school community.

Focus :
Suitable for :
  • Cohesiveness between colloegues

  • Sense of Attachment to School

  • Innovative Mindset

  • Communication Skills

  • 30 to 70 participants

  • All Primary schools & Secondary schools

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