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VR,AR,MR,XR,Team Building,團隊訓練,團隊培訓,Leadership Training,領袖訓練,團結合作,Corporate Training

The XR Corporate Solutions

VR,AR,MR,XR,Team Building,團隊訓練,團隊培訓,Leadership Training,領袖訓練,團結合作,Corporate Training

What is XR?

XR, the Extended Reality, is a combination of VR, AR and MR. Let’s see what we provide with this technology.

VR Virtual Reality

a totally simulated environment with user interactions.

AR Augmented Reality

a live view with digital elements.

MR Mixed Reality

a real-life environment consists of digital interactions.

Our Solutions

Team building

XR Employee Training

Training new staff (e.g. salesmen, receptionists) to do their repetitive job routines can be very human-power demanding and time-consuming. With our XR Employee Training programme, we can tailor-make your job procedure into our system and half virtual environment, so that your new employees can pick things up simply by wearing our glasses, without needing a manager wasting a day to do so.

Traning & Educaton

Conference & Presentation

Video conferencing might be convenient, but what if we can lift it to the next level? With our XR technology, users and colleagues can see each other in a 3D world disregarding their distance. Throughout the meeting, users can demonstrate and interact with the 3D digital elements in the half-virtual-half-reality environment simply with their hand gestures. This way, global conferences are no longer just a video on your laptop, but a real-life interaction.

Conference & Present

XR Robotics

XR Robotics consists of both software and hardware development. Simplistically speaking, we control AI/robotic arms through our XR device, just like movies. As we said, we bring fiction into reality.


We can also tailor-made solution for you.

Need something special?

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