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VR Team Building


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Our Clients

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Our in-house developed system (RATADS)
To address the issues of traditional Team Building Training, our Robocox Algorithmic Team Analyzing & Development System (RATADS) has made its triumphant move to provide the perfect solutions. Designed and developed by experts in the fields of human resources, business management, enterprise consultancy, and computer programming, the algorithmic system has been programmed to give you the most suitable training ever using big data.


What are our VR Team Building activities?

Happy Burger!

Tacit understandings are important between team members, collaborations can be versed in by taking real actions. This game is purposed to improve strategy and collaborations of team members through competition between teams. With discussion of each one’s duty and setting an efficient procedure to increase productivity, the team can eventually get the highest scores. This also encourages participants of their engagement and to work as a team remotely or together in practice. Developing leadership skills and tighter bonds between team members are also the key training with the need of one to initiate planning and discussions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Through physical actions in remote areas to work as a team

  • Improve communications and collaborations

  • Builds encouraging full engagement from all team members

  • Develops leadership and teamwork skills to achieve better performance

Bomb Crisis

In-depth communication is the factor to make a good team building. The bomb disarming game will require participants to cooperate in a limited time to solve the riddles in order to head off the crisis. Each member will have the chance to become the one solving riddles in turns, who will need to gather scattered clues from other team members to become the full answer of the riddle. Therefore, in-depth communications and thinking are needed, also an initiative to start a discussion, and the chance to organize and unite the others, which satisfy the intention of achieving psychological contracting between team members. Besides, it develops the strain capacity to solve sudden issues. 

Learning Outcomes

  • For developing team dynamics in remote teams

  • Improve their strain capacity

  • Improve their communication and collaborative problem-solving skills

  • Learn about each individual in the group and how they can work more efficiently as a team

  • Making decisions under pressure that can highlight trust, leadership, and learning from experience

Space Odyssey

Pushing team cooperations to the next level, the bonds between team members can then be further deepened. The Escape game-like training will require team members to repair the spaceship in fastest way using agile thinking and working individually or together. These include riddles solving, synchronized actions to complete quests and allocate personnel searching different areas. Participants will need to think quick and communicate constantly in the mission, which deepens the bonds and communications of team members, also guiding them to improve their observation and details discovering skills. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Develops leadership and teamwork skills

  • Designed for teams working from different locations

  • Improve soft skills applicable to working remotely

  • They need to be observant and alert and ensure their communication is clear and concise

  • Actively listening to others is a must to solve connected puzzles in separate virtual areas to progress

  • Builds encouraging full engagement from all team members

VR Home Delivery
Train Anywhere
Immersive Experience
Immersive Experience
Skilled Coach + Big Data
Professional Trainer
Enhance PProductivity
Enhance Team Bonding
Register your own avatar in the Robocox VR world

To enter our Robocox virtual world, you will first register in the program to create your own VR character through the access of a provided QR code/Hyperlink. Simply take a selfie and upload, then your own avatar identical to your real appearances will be created, also your own password to enter the exciting virtual world.

VR Office
We can train at your place / provide venue rental service

Simply sit safe and relaxed, we will have the VR devices and training delivered at your office. In case you would like to have your training elsewhere, we are at your service as well.

<< Rental fee required >>

Abstract Background

Programme Design Elements

Team Building,團隊訓練,團隊培訓,Leadership Training,領袖訓練,團結合作,Corporate Training,NLP
1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

RATADS is carefully designed based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The connection between human and the world is by using senses like vision, audition and tactician. NLP methodology adopted this and used it as an experiential learning to acquire skills. It can be recognized as an effective way compared to planting knowledge directly.

The method involves the use of VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic) in the learning. This can be achieved in the VR environment. You can see what is happening in the virtual world; you can listen and communicate with teammates; you can “touch” and manipulate virtual objects.

2. Psychological Safety

Another guideline of designing RATADS training programme is Psychological Safety. Psychological safety is about removing fear from human interaction and replacing it with respect and permission. The application of these elements are reflected in each training game and also developing in consequent games.

Results from a number of empirical studies conducted in various regions and
countries show that psychological safety plays an important role in workplace effectiveness.

Employees have to progress through the following 4 stages before they feel free to make valuable contributions and challenge the status quo.
The 4 stages are: Contracting; Knowing Self; Knowing Others; and Teamwork.

Team Building,團隊訓練,團隊培訓,Leadership Training,領袖訓練,團結合作,Corporate Training, Psychological Safety

Comments from our clients:

"Overall service and tool are very professional and of high quality. Our team enjoyed it a lot and over half of our participants evaluated this team-building activity as "excellent", it was a very successful event and a valuable experience for all of us."


Head of Human Resources


The games are well designed and unique. Our staff enjoyed a lot to interact with each other within the game! The staff also explained the instruction well, so the participants were able to follow through the whole VR journey!

Technology & Operations Department


"Game design fit for everyone. The team-building sessions were fun and interactive. Trainers and facilitators were helpful and kind."

Education Department
NARS Cosmetics

Amazing experience! Robocox team provided a fun yet non-traditional experience to us. Feedback from our colleagues mentioned that we would like you guys to come again next time!

Head of HR Department


Team Building,團隊訓練,團隊培訓,Leadership Training,領袖訓練,團結合作,Corporate Training

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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